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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


 The KBMA International Fight Day

Kuro Bushi Martial Arts World Championships


Don't Miss Out On These Exciting Fighting Events

JUNE 8th, 2019

Greensboro, North Carolina

Jiu jitsu



This event will bring together Fighters and Guest from all over the world!


Giving back to our community we are a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization

Revive Life Academy ID 27-4252300


our hearts and dreams that we have for the young people of today as we help to shape them into the future leaders of tomorrow.   We have daily contact with many children who are challenged in many different ways such as ADD, ADHD, TERETTS, AUTISM, and even CANCER.

We teach karate with a passion that is able to assist children to be able to bring out of them their full potential. We have an open door policy that states, no child turned away. We have had success in our classes with children that are suffering with different disorders such as ADD, ADHD, TERRETS, AUTISM and even CANCER.
We use unique techniques that not just help them to fit in and feel accomplishments, but we also help other students, and parents as well to not shy away from people who are different, but to embrace them and understand that in each of us is a knowledge that needs to be shared with others around us. So do not be dismayed or disheartened, we will work with you and your children, and no one will be turned away that has a desire to learn, no matter at what level or capacity that may be.

Our passion is to be there for these children when no one else can or will be. I pray that each person that is contacted would take that first step with us, that your heart strings would be touched and you would be willing to go above and beyond and become a sponsor. Remember all donations are Tax Deductable. Every dollar donated is one less dollar that these children have to worry about.

Let this day be one that they can just come and have fun, compete in competition and be a winner. One person can make a difference, one person can be the influence in a child's life that will be a memory for them to cherish for many years to come. You can be the person who makes that difference.
That is why I wanted to share our vision and passion with you. Won’t you take a moment and reflect on your childhood and the memories of someone special who made a difference and how that impacted your future.
We are promoting a Karate Tournament KURO BUSHI M/A CHAMPIONSHIP on June 8, 2019 at the Greensboro Sportsplex 2400 16th St. Greensboro, North Carolina 27405 we need Sponsors to help us with the children who have these challenges by allowing them and their families to enter our tournament at no cost.

General Information

We are proud to present our martial arts tournament and NEW Location Greensboro, North Caroline

There's competition waiting for you, come fight with us. If you got it in you, bring it. Winners will be eligible for Grand Champion

Adults Black Belt Karate Fighting Divisions only

*** Championship Belts *** & Prize Money $$$

Executive Fighting $100 - Men Fighting $100

Women Fighting $100

Continuous Sparring $100

3 Man Team Sparring $300

2 Women Team Sparring $200

Must have (4) competitors & (4) teams minimum for payout

Also Check Out all the Divisions

we have on Fight Day


OPEN to All Styles 

This event is professionally organized

NOTE: Please train according to the rules

they will be ENFORCED. 

This Event will open its doors @ 8:00 am

Judges/Officers/Referee/Scorekeepers will meet for a Mandatory meeting @ 9:15 am

This event will Start on time @ 10:00 SHARP

Look guys this is Mandatory coming from

Master Dukes NO Exceptions Protective Gear

Don't even think about not bringing it because you will NOT be able to participate in your division, you know the drill NO REFUNDS



Please be sure to arrive early to register

Remember the (3) most important rules of  this tournament competition:

(1) Have Fun!

(2) Make a new friend

(3) Learn something about yourself that you can improve.

This Tournament is NOT responsible for Lost or Stolen Property.

Please keep all your personal properly safe in hand Do Not lay things down and walk off.


I Grand Master Ernest Dukes 10th Dan

Promoter / President and founder of KBMA 

We are proud to present our tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina

You are cordially invited to attend the KBMA World Championship International Fight Day 

But, just as important, the professionalism of this event guarantees a smooth, efficient, fair event that allows everyone to feel like a winner.


to be at this year' competition, an event where you will be part of the greatest display of

martial arts June 8, 2019

Good luck and God bless each of you

see you soon. OSU

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side one or side two

for event flyer


As an official, you are the most important entity of the KBMA World Championship Fight Day and you directly contribute to the quality of sport karate, Kick Boxing and Grappling. We are always looking for exceptionally qualified judges to help maintain quality and standards at the very highest level possible. Are you a black belt? Do you have experience officiating? Do you want to be part of an event that helps support the future of sport karate, Kick Boxing, Grappling and its competitors?
If you answered “yes”, we would like to invite you to be part of our Team of Officials!
Just fill out the provided form with information that best describes you and your level of experience. You will be invited to our official’s reception where you will be given your event instructions, assignments, and credentials. Please be sure to fill out all of the required fields so we can contact you and provide updates on any and all communication.
The official’s reception is mandatory for all officials to receive event credentials.

Click Here

Event Location

Greensboro, North Carolina    Click Here

Greensboro Sportsplex     Click Here

Directions to Greensboro, NC

From: Raleigh, NC take I-40 W to I-85

From: Lynchburg, VA take 29 S

From: Charlotte, NC take I-85 E

From Door-to-Door directions use the address we have or Navigation

Greensboro Sportsplex 2400 16th St. Greensboro, NC 27405

Registration & Spectator Tickets

Thank you for your interest in the KBMA Fight Day


2019 Individual Competitors KickBoxing Fighter - Grappling Fighter & Karate Fighter

Current Rate: $50.00 for one Division * 

Additional Division: $30.00

All competitors may compete in as many Divisions as they qualify for

Please NOTE: You must do 1st div. and then pick as many div. after as seen below

also to all Team Sparring competitors, you must enter all payments together

  • Padded Weapon Div. 1st or additional div.
  • Continuous Sparring Div. 1st or additional div.
  • Point Sparring Div. 1st or additional div.
  • Little Dragon/Flag Sparring Div. 1st or additional div.
  • Team Sparring Div. 1st div. only
  • Kick Boxing Div. 1st or additional div.
  • Grappling Div. 1st or additional div.

Coach's Pass $25.00 will be your spectator pass too

This pass will allow you inside barriers to coach your fighter



Gen. Admission $10.00

Children 4 yrs. under FREE

NOTE: Register online to save time when you arrive at the door, just to avoid lines!


Day of Event Registration:

Competitors 1st Division $60.00 & $35.00 for Additional div.

Refunds Policy: Due to the magnitude of this event, there will be NO REFUNDS Please Don't Ask

Deadlines for Pre-Register: For all competitors, must received on or before May 31, 2019 

NO Exceptions all Pre- Registration still coming in after the date will be subject to pay the balance of Door prices

You can also downloaded the forms from this site:    KICKBOXING  -  KARATE  -  GRAPPLING

                                                                                                      Click Here       Click Here     Click Here

                                                                                                                 Click for karate Div.

                                             You can Purchase your Divisions, Coaches Pass and add more additional Divisions Here

                                                                                also Spectators can Buy your tickets Here

Please NOTE: Credit card holders are the ones that will have your name on pre-registration packet when entering event!

Express Team Registration

Advance Registered Groups of 10 or More Competitors are Eligible for Discounts 

If your group or school will be advance registering 10 or more competitors, you are eligible for a special group discount and one VIP Pass for Team Leader.

Please call in for your discounts (704)796-8902

or e-mail: masterdukes@juno.com

Fighting Divisions

                   COME ONE COME ALL

Click Here

Karate Divisions                             Point KickBoxing Divisions                    Jiu-jitsu/Grappling Divisions

Adult & Jr Black Belts  *                  Unified & Modified Muay Thai Rules                                                KIDS GI 5-8

18 + MEN POINT SPARRING                                                                      International Rules                                                         BOYS FIGHT

B1...Super Light (139-)                                           ______________________________________________________________________                         G20...5-8 (M) Nov.

B2...Light (140-152)                                                    BEGINNER - INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED - SENIOR 40 & OLDER                             G21... 5-8 (M) Beg.

B3...Middle (153-175-)                                                  ADULT MEN - ADULT WOMEN - JUNIOR BOYS - JUNIOR GIRLS                               G22...5-8 (M) Int.

B4...Heavy (176-199-)                                                                                                CHOOSE                                                                               G23...5-8 (M) Adv.

B5...Super Hvy (200+)                                                                                                    "1"                                                                 GIRLS FIGHT

35+ MEN POINT SPARRING                                                                                                                                                                                    G24...5-8 (F) Nov.

B6...Light (175-)                                                                                                                                                                                                          G25...5-8 (F) Beg.

B7...Heavy (176+)                                                                                                                                                                                                       G26...5-8 (F) Int.

B8...42+ Light (175-)                                                                                                    LOOK DOWN                                                                       G27...5-8 (F) Adv.

B9...42+ Hvy (176+)                                                                                                                                                                                                    KIDS NO-GI 5-8

B10...Masters Kumite (M)                                                                                                                                                                                          BOYS FIGHT

18+ WOMEN POINT SPARRING                                                                                                                                                                               G28...5-8 (M) Nov.

B11...18+ Light                                                                                                                                                                                                             G29...5-8 (M) Beg. 

B12...18+ Middle                                                                                                                                                                                                        G30...5-8 (M) Int.

B13...35+ All Weights                                                                                                                                                                                                 G31...5-8 (M) Adv.

9-17 JR POINT SPARRING                                                                                                                                                                                           GIRLS FIGHT

B14...9- (M/F)                                                                                                              You can sign up                                                                   G32...5-8 (F) Nov.

B15...10-11 (M)                                                                                                                                                                                                           G33...5-8 (F) Beg.

B16...12-14 (M)                                                                                                         for other Divisions                                                                 G34...5-8 (F) Int.

B17...15-17 (M)                                                                                                                                                                                                           G35...5-8 (F) Adv.

B18...10-11 (F)                                                                                                               KickBoxing                                                                 KIDS GI 9-12

B19...12-14 (F)                                                                                                                                                                                                              BOYS FIGHT

B20...15-17 (F)                                                                                                                                                                                                            G36...9-12 (M) Nov.

Adult Under Belts                                                                                                      G37...9-12 (M) Beg.

18 - 35+ MAN & WOMEN POINT SPARRING                                                                                                                                                      G38...9-12 (M) Int.

U1...18+ (M) Nov. Lt.                                                                                                                                                                                                 G39...9-12 (M) Adv.

U2...18+ (M) Nov. Hvy.                                                                                                                                                                                               GIRLS FIGHT

U3...18+ (M) Int. Lt.                                                                                                                                                                                                    G40...9-12 (F) Nov.

U4...18+ (M) Int. Hvy.                                                                         Click Here   for more Weight  Classes                              G41...9-12 (F) BEG.

U5...18+ (M) Adv. Lt.                                                                               The IKF Point Muay Thai / KickBoxing                                  G42...9-12 (F) Int.

U6...18+ (M) Adv. Hvy.                                                                                                                                                                                               G43...9-12 (F) Adv.

U7...35+ (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                       KIDS NO GI 9-12

U8...35+ (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                             BOYS FIGHT

U9...35+ (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                        G44...9-12 (M) Nov.

U10...18+ (F) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                       G45... 9-12 (M) Beg.

U11...18+ (F) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G46...9-12 (M) Int.

U12...18+ (F) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                       G47...9-12 (M) Adv.

U13...35+ (F) Nov.-1st Int.                                                                                                                                                                                            GIRLS FIGHT

U14...35+ (F) 2nd Int.-Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                        G48...9-12 (F) Nov.

Little Pee Wee's                                                                                                          G49...9-12 (F) Beg.

5 & Under Boys & Girls Point Sparring                                                                                                                                                                   G50...9-12 (F) Int.

U15...5- (M/F) Nov.-1st Int.                                                                                                                                                                                        G51...9-12 (F) Adv.

U16...5- (M/F) 2nd Int.- Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                      TEENS GI 13-17

6 -17 Boys Point Sparring                                                                                                                                                                                            BOYS FIGHT

U17...6 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G52...13-17 (M) Nov.

U18...6 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                           G53...13-17 (M) Beg.

U19...6 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G54...13-17 (M) Int.

U20...7 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G55...13-17 (M) Adv.

U21...7 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                               GIRLS FIGHT

U22...7 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G56...13-17 (F) Nov.

U23...8 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G57...13-17 (F) Beg.

U24...8 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                           G58...13-17 (F) Int.

U25...8 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G59...13-17 (F) Adv.

U26...9 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                       TEENS NO GI 13-17

U27...9 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                                BOYS FIGHT

U28...9 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                          G60...13-17 (M) Nov.

U29...10 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                        G61...13-17 (M) Beg.

U30...10 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                           G62...13-17 (M) Int.

U31...10 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                        G63...13-17 (M) Adv.

U32...11-12 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                      GIRLS FIGHT

U33...11-12 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                     G64...13-17 (F) Nov.

U34...11-12 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                   G65...13-17 (F) Beg.

U35...13-14 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                  G66...13-17 (F) Int.

U36...13-14 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                     G67...13-17 (F) Adv.

U37...13-14 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                      MAN GI 18-29

U38...15-17 (M) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                      MANS  FIGHT

U39...15-17 (M) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                       G68...18-29 (M) White

U40...15-17 (M) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                     G69...18-29 (M) Blue

6 -17 Girls Point Sparring                                                                                                                                                                                            G70...18-29 (M) Purple

U41...6 (F) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                              G71...18-29 (M) Brown/Black

U42...6 (F) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WOMENS FIGHT

U43...6 (F) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                              G72...18-29 (F) White

U44...7-8 (F) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                          G73...18-29 (F) Blue

U45...7-8 (F) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                            G74...18-29 (F) Purple

U46...7-8 (F) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                          G75...18-29 (F) Brown/Black

U47...9-10 (F) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                           MAN NO GI 18-29

U48...9-10 (F) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MANS FIGHT

U49...9-10 (F) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G76...18-29 (M) Nov.

U50...11-12 (F) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                      G77...18-29 (M) Beg.

U51...11-12 (F) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G78...18-29 (M) Int.

U52...11-12 (F) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                       G79...18-29 (M) Adv.

U53...13-14 (F) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                         WONMAN FIGHT

U54...13-14 (F) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G80...18-29 (F) Nov.

U55...13-14 (F) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                                       G81...18-29 (F) Beg.

U56...15-17 (F) Nov.                                                                                                                                                                                                       G82...18-29 (F) Int.

U57...15-17 (F) Int.                                                                                                                                                                                                         G83...18-29 (F) Adv.

U58...15-17 (F) Adv.                                                                                                                                                                                              

LITTLE DRAGONS                                                                                                         Men's Masters 30 + GI

5-7 Flag Sparring                                                                                                                                                                                                           Men's Masters 30 + NO-GI

FS1...5- (M/F) All Ranks                                                                                                                                                                                                 Women's Masters 30 + GI

FS2...6- (M/F) All Ranks                                                                                                                                                                                                 Women's Masters 30 + NO-GI

FS3...7- (M/F) All Ranks

PADDED WEAPONS                                                                                                     Men's Directors 40 + GI

6-35+ Sword/Stick                                                                                                                                                                                                         Men's Directors 40 + NO-GI

PW1...6-7 (M/F)                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

PW2...8-9 (M) & 8-9 (F)                                                                                                                                                                                                  Men's Executive 50 + GI

PW3...10-12 (M) & 10-12 (F)                                                                                                                                                                                         Men's Executive 50 + NO-GI

PW4...13-14 (M) & 13-14 (F)

PW5...15-17 (M) & 15-17 (F)                                                                                                                                                                                          Absolute (All weight All skill)

PW6...18+ (M) & 18+ (F)

PW7...35+ (M) & 35+ (F)


Youth Underbelt Continuous Sparring Divisions
CS1...5 & Under Belt Boys/Girls Continuous Sparring
CS2... 6-7 Under Belt Boys Continuous Sparring
CS3... 6-7 Under Belt Girls Continuous Sparring
CS4... 8-9 Novice Boys Continuous Sparring
CS5... 8-9 Intermediate Boys Continuous Sparring
CS6... 8-9 Advanced Boys Continuous Sparring
CS7... 8-9 Novice Girls Continuous Sparring

cs7A...8-9 Intermediate Girls Continuous Sparring

CS7B...8-9 Advanced Girls Continuous Sparring
CS8... 10-11 Novice Boys Continuous Sparring
CS9... 10-11 Intermediate Boys Continuous Sparring
CS10... 10-11 Advanced Boys Continuous Sparring
CS11... 10-11 Novice Girls Continuous Sparring

CS11A...10-11 Intermediate Girls Continuous Sparring

CS11B...10-11 Advanced Girls Continuous Sparring

CS12... 12-13 Novice Boys Continuous Sparring
CS13... 12-13 Intermediate Boys Continuous Sparring
CS14... 12-13 Advanced Boys Continuous Sparring
CS15... 12-13 Novice Girls Continuous Sparring

CS15A...12-13 Intermediate Girls Continuous Sparring

CS15B...12-13 Advanced Girls Continuous Sparring

CS16... 14-15 Novice Boys Continuous Sparring
CS17... 14-15 Intermediate Boys Continuous Sparring
CS18... 14-15 Advanced Boys Continuous Sparring
CS19... 14-15 Novice Girls Continuous Sparring

CS19A... 14-15 Intermediate Girls Continuous Sparring

CS19B... 14-15 Advanced Girls Continuous Sparring

CS20... 16-17 Novice Boys Continuous Sparring
CS21... 16-17 Intermediate Boys Continuous Sparring
CS22... 16-17 Advanced Boys Continuous Sparring
CS23... 16-17 Novice Girls Continuous Sparring

CS23A... 16-17 Intermediate Girls Continuous Sparring

CS23B... 16-17 Advanced Girls Continuous Sparring

Adult Under Belt Continuous Sparring Divisions
CS24... 18 & Over Novice / Intermediate Men Continuous Sparring (169 lbs & Under)
CS25... 18 & Over Novice / Intermediate Men Continuous Sparring (170 lbs & Over)
CS26... 18 & Over Advanced Men Continuous Sparring (169 lbs & Under)
CS27... 18 & Over Advanced Men Continuous Sparring (170 lbs & Over)
CS28... 18 & Over Novice Women Continuous Sparring
CS29... 18 & Over Intermediate Women Continuous Sparring
CS30... 18 & Over Advanced Women Continuous Sparring
Youth Black Belt Continuous Sparring Divisions
CS31... 9 & Under Black Belt Boys Continuous Sparring
CS32... 10-11 Black Belt Boys Continuous Sparring
CS33... 12-13 Black Belt Boys Continuous Sparring
CS34... 14-15 Black Belt Boys Continuous Sparring
CS35... 16-17 Black Belt Boys Continuous Sparring
CS36... 11 & Under Black Belt Girls Continuous Sparring
CS37... 12-14 Black Belt Girls Continuous Sparring
CS38... 15-17 Black Belt Girls Continuous Sparring
Adult Black Belt Continuous Sparring Divisions   
CS39... 18 & Over Black Belt Men Lightweight Continuous Sparring (169 lbs & Under)
CS40... 18 & Over Black Belt Men Light Middleweight Continuous Sparring (170-184 lbs)
CS41... 18 & Over Black Belt Men Light Heavyweight Continuous Sparring (185-199 lbs)
CS42... 18 & Over Black Belt Men Heavyweight Continuous Sparring (200 lbs & Over)
CS43... 35 & Over Black Belt Men Lightweight Continuous Sparring (169 lbs & Under)
CS44... 35 & Over Black Belt Men Light Middleweight Continuous Sparring (170-184 lbs)
CS45... 35 & Over Black Belt Men Light Heavyweight Continuous Sparring (185-199 lbs)
CS46... 35 & Over Black Belt Men Heavyweight Continuous Sparring (200 lbs & Over)
CS47... 18 & Over Black Belt Women Superlight Continuous Sparring (129 lbs & Under)
CS48... 18 & Over Black Belt Women Lightweight Continuous Sparring (130-139 lbs)
CS49... 18 & Over Black Belt Women Light Middleweight Continuous Sparring (140-149 lbs)
CS50... 18 & Over Black Belt Women Middleweight Continuous Sparring (150 lbs & Over)
CS51... 35 & Over Black Belt Women Continuous Sparring (All Weights)


TS2... 18 & Over Black Belt Mens 3-Person Team Sparring

TS3... Black Belt Girls 2-Person Team Sparring (13 & Under, 14-17) 
TS4... Black Belt Boys 3-Person Team Sparring (11 & Under, 12-14, 15-17) 
TS5... Black Belt Men Executive Team Sparring (One 30+, one 40+, one 50+ fighter)
TS6... Black Belt Women Executive Team Sparring (One 30+ & one 40+ fighter)
TS7... 18 & Over Black Belt Womens 2-Person Team Sparring
TS8... Underbelt Team Sparring 2-person (F) (10-13, 14-17) 
TS9... Underbelt Team Sparring 2-person (M) 14-17 
TS10... Underbelt Team Sparring 2-person (M) 10-13 
TS11... Underbelt Team Sparring 2-person (M/F) 9 & Under  

NOTE: Any Black Belts that are competing in any divisions will NOT be able to judge, do to that we need to keep our rings going with NO distractions of judges needing to coach a student or competing in a division



If you have any questions about the event coming up in June 8th, 2019

Our KBMA Team is ready to answer any of your questions.

Feel free to get in touch with us


Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization

Headquarters 435 Ranchwood Dr.

Salisbury, N.C. 28146


Rules for your fight division, if you are participating in a fight division you may want to check out the rules

Point Sparring - Continuous Sparring - Grappling - Team Sparring - Point Kick Boxing - Flag Sparring - Sword/Stick Fighting


Video on Point Sparring Click Here

Each competitor must present him/herself to the referee suitably attired with proper uniform and equipment and physically prepared to compete. If he/she is not prepared to compete as deemed by the center official, the competitor may be penalized for delay of time.
It is the responsibility of the competitor to know the rules and be ready for competition when called to do so. He/she must be suitably attired, weighed-in and at the appropriate ring when competition begins. Three calls will be made for competition at ringside. If the competitor is not at his/her ring ready to compete when competition begins, he/she will not be able to compete (see delay of time rule). If a competitor leaves the ring after the competition begins and is not present when his/her name is called to compete, his/her name will be called three times at ringside. If he/she is still not present to compete, he/she will be disqualified (see delay of time rule). Section

If a competitor arrives late (the division is ready to start, but the 1st competitor has not started), the late entry must compete first, including seeds. Once a division has started (the first competitor has started his/her sparring routine or the first divisional sparring match has started) no competitor/s can be added to that division. BE ON TIME! Only exception to this rule is the “Fairness Rule” at the end of this rules summary. Late Entry Definition: a competitor arrives at the ring after the last call for the division has been made, the seeds selected, the shuffle has been made, the order of competition has been determined and the 1st competitor has not started. Section

It is mandatory for all adult sparring competitors – who are in weighed divisions – to weigh in before competition. Only one official weigh-in is required. All competitors must compete in his/her weight division. A competitor cannot compete up or down in another weight division for which he/she has not made the proper weight. It is the responsibility of the tournament personnel to weigh and properly record the competitor’s weight. If a competitor is caught falsifying their weight, they will be disqualified. If a competitor fails to weigh-in, prior to their division being called for competition to start, he/she is subject to the Delay of Time Penalty (see Delay of Time Penalty Rule). It is the responsibility of the competitor to be officially weighed-in prior to their division.

The size of the fighting and forms adult black belt rings shall be approximately 20’ x 20’. a) Starting lines should be marked approximately six feet apart in the middle of the ring. b) Additionally, each ring should be posted with a ring number visible to competitors, officials, and medical personnel from across the floor. All youth and under black belt adult rings can be a minimum of 16’ to a maximum of 20’. Section

KBMA approved headgear; hand and foot pads, mouthpieces, groin cups (for male competitors only) The competitor’s equipment will be checked and if it is deemed unsafe or does not fit properly, he/she will be asked to change the equipment before he/she can compete. Insufficiently padded gloves, foot, chest and head hear will not be allowed. Equipment must be in a good state of repair and must be free of heavy taping, tears or any other repairs that may cause injury. If a competitor is missing required equipment or the equipment does not meet KBMA requirements, as it is deemed unsafe, prior to their division being called for competition, he/she is subject to the Delay of Time Penalty and may be disqualified, it is the responsibility of the competitors to have the proper equipment. The tournament’s official rules arbitrator ultimately determines the approval or denial of the equipment. Shin pads, elbow pads and rib/chest guards are highly recommended for additional safety to all sparring competitors in all divisions.
a) Hand Pads: A soft padded surface must cover the fingers, wrist and any striking surface of the hand.
b) Foot Pads: A soft padded surface must cover the instep, sides, toes, ankle and back of the heel of the foot. The bottom of the foot does not have to be padded. (Note – KBMA has approved the use of “Ringstar” or Ringstar Equivalent sparring shoes in all sparring divisions, with the same stipulations placed on other approved sparring gear.)
c) Head Gear: The front, sides and back of the head must be covered by a soft padded surface.
Mouthpiece: A properly fitted mouthpiece is required


Each ring should have a Center Official, two to four Judges, and a Timekeeper/Scorekeeper.
a) The Judges call points and rule infractions as they see them. They also vote on disqualifications. The Center Official also calls points and rules infractions but is also in complete control of the ring and ring personnel.
b) The Center Official make all final decisions on penalty points and warnings (except for disqualifications) but can consult judges before making their decisions.
c) The majority vote of the judges and referee determines a scoring point and/or a competitor’s disqualification.

The Center Official is selected on his/ her experience and knowledge of the rules and is thoroughly versed on the rules and order of competition. He/she promotes the safety of the competitors, enforces the rules and ensures fair play. To this end, the Center Official:
a) starts and stops the match;
b) award points;
c) makes penalty decisions;
d) administrates the voting of the other judges;
e) communicates clearly with the scorekeeper and timekeeper; and
f) announces the winner of each match.

The Center Official also maintains responsibility for the following:
a) Match starts and ends only with his/her command (not the command of the timekeeper);
b) Has final decision on any disputes on score;
c) Has the power to issue warnings and award penalty points without a majority decision:
d) Can overrule a majority call only to issue a warning or a penalty point:
e) Automatically has power to disqualify a competitor who receives (3) penalty points; and
f) Has power to issue time-outs. A competitor can ask for a time-out, but it is the determination of the center official to issue one. NOTE – The disqualification of a competitor, where disqualification is not automatic, is determined only by a majority vote of the judges.

2 or 4 KBMA judges and one KBMA center official are recommended in all sparring divisions
If a competitor feels that an official should be removed from a sparring division, he/she may file a protest at any time. It is totally up to the center official and the rules arbitrator to determine if an official should be removed. The Head Rules Arbitrator will make the final determination if there is “Good Reason” to remove the judge.
A competitor has the right to protest an infraction of the rules or if a possible mistake was made (not a judgment call).
a) If a competitor wishes to protest, he/she should first let the referee know he/she believes there has been an infraction of the rules or a mistake has been made.
b) The referee will summon the arbitrator to the ring (if the referee cannot properly settle the protest to the player’s satisfaction) to render a decision.
c) All protests must be made in an orderly, proper and sportsmanlike manner.
d) All protests must be made immediately.
e) Protests are not allowed once competition has resumed (after the fact protest).
f) A competitor may be penalized or even disqualified if he/she is protesting improperly or without proper cause.

When the referee believes there has been a significant exchange of techniques, or when signaled to do so by a corner a judge, he/she shall call out the word, “STOP!” in a loud voice. The referee shall wait until the competitor’s return to their starting marks and addresses the judges by saying “JUDGES CALL!” All judges and the center referee cast their votes simultaneously and assertively in the following manner.
a) Judge Sees a Point – He/she should hold up both colors or hold up one arm, if colors are not being used. At the same time, he/she yells out the word “CALL!” in a loud, clear voice to let the referee know he/she has a call.
b) Point Calling – When signaled by the referee (referee says the competitor who scores the point. If a competitor scores a two-point kick, the officials should hold up or point with two fingers (index and middle fingers). If only one point is being called, the “Judges Call” in a loud clear voice) a judge raises the appropriate color (red or white usually) if colors are being used or points to judge should point with only one finger (Index finger).
c) No Point Scored – An official crosses his/her wrist at waist level or holds both colors down to indicate that he/she believes that a point was not scored.
d) Did Not See If A Point Was Scored – The officials hold his/her hand over his/her eyes indicating that he/she could not see whether a point was scored or not. Indicates the official was not in position to see if a point scored. (When using this signal, it has the same effect as saying “no point”, but it indicates to the referee, competitors and fans the reason why you are not calling the point).
e) Clash – Officials make a motion as though they are hitting both fists together, indicating that both competitors scored at the same time.
f) Penalty – The judge waves the color of the offending competitor in a circular motion. If no colors are used the judge waves the hand and arm in a circular motion while pointing at the offending competitor.
g) Disqualification – A disqualification vote is taken separately from any other vote. When a disqualification vote is asked for, the center official will say, “JUDGES CALL”. The judges will then hold the color or point to the competitor who is to be disqualified. If the judge does not feel the competitor should be disqualified, he/she crosses his/her wrist or holds both colors down at waist level.

All officials should make their calls at the same time. If, in the opinion of the center official, the corner judges are making a late call intentionally, the center official can disqualify the call and/or judge (noise not allowing the judges to hear the referee and the honest mistake of raising the wrong color or pointing at the wrong competitor should be taken into consideration not to disqualify the call or judge).

Black Belt Team Sparring)

 The competition cards should be collected and counted (if competition cards are not used, count the competitors) to see if byes are needed. If byes are needed, they will be picked randomly (seeds may have first priority for byes – See Seeding Rules).
a) Competitors cannot pick whom they want or do not want to fight.
b) Matches should always be selected by random, but certain allowances may be given to competitors from the same school or team that are matched up in the first round of competition. They may be separated randomly from each other in the first round if possible.
c) In the 10 and above Black Belt youth divisions, the competitors, boys and girls should be lined up by height (smallest to the tallest) and split into tall and short divisions.
d) Promoters may elect to split or not split UBB Boys and / or Girls into short and tall divisions.
e) Determining tall and short divisions is for safety reasons, not just to split the division equally.
f) A true break in size should be found to determine the taller competitors from the shorter competitors.
g) Once the tall and short divisions are determined by height, determine who fights whom by random draw.
h) Consideration should be given to competitors who are from the same school or team that have been drawn to fight each other in the first round.
i) The winner of the small and tall divisions will compete in a single round 2-minute match to determine the overall champion for that age group and gender.
The length of a match will be two minutes running-time unless a competitor is seven points ahead (Seven Point Spread Rule) before time has expired.
a) If a match is tied at the end of two minutes, a sudden victory (first person to score a point) overtime period will determine the match.
b) At the 1 minute 45 second mark of a sparring match, the timekeeper will shout out “FIFTEEN SECONDS”.
c) All Divisional Grand Championship matches are 1 two-minute round but a competitor must win by 2 points.
d) Overall Grand Championship matches are two, two-minute rounds.
A point is a sport karate technique that is scored by a competitor in-bounds and up-right (not considered down) without time being called that strikes a competitor with the allowable amount of focused touch contact and focused control to a legal target area.
a) Focused Touch Contact: the legal amount of contact allowed to certain scoring areas.
b) Focused Control: an amount of controlled force that would have incapacitated the opponent, at least momentarily, if the technique had not been controlled. Therefore, only sport karate techniques that would have incapacitated the opponent, at least momentarily, if the technique had not been controlled, are considered points. (Ex. A front hand to the body that does not have “focused control” is not considered a proper sport karate scoring technique.)
a) All regular KBMA Light touch point calling rules will apply.
b) Out of Bounds, falling down or excessive running (as determined by the head official) around the ring will be considered an attempt to avoid competition and the other competitor will be awarded a point.
c) A competitor is considered out of bound when they have both feet off the sparring area (mat). If the competitor is out of bounds without being kicked out or physically pushed out of bounds, their opponent will receive 1 point.
d) If a competitor goes out of bounds while the other competitor is kicking or punching, near the competitor WITHOUT actually touching the competitor, the competitor will be considered leaving the sparring area to avoid competition and the other competitor will receive a point. A fighter must stay engaged in the match if he goes at of bounds not to be penalized.
e) If the out-of-bound competitor is scored on, with a legal technique, before the center official calls STOP, then the in-bounds competitor can receive a score for the technique and the penalty point from the other competitor going out of bounds to avoid fighting.
f) If a fighter touches the ground / mat with, with any part of their body, except their feet or 1 hand, they are considered down.
g) A point cannot be scored by a down competitor and a downed competitor cannot be score on. If an upright competitor strikes a down competition they can be penalized.
h) A competitor who leaves their feet while in-bounds, must land with at least one foot in-bounds to score a point.

a) All legal hand techniques that score will be awarded one (1) point.
b) All legal kicking techniques that score will be awarded two (2) points.
c) All jump spinning kicks to the head will be awarded (3) points.
d) All penalty points will be awarded one (1) point.
e) The competitor who is ahead by 7 points (7 point spread rule) before the end of the two-minute time period is automatically declared the winner or whoever is ahead at the end of the two minutes is declared the winner.
f) All Divisional grand championship matches have a two-minute running time with a 10 Point Spread Rule, but must be won by 2 points.
g) All Black Belt Grand Championship and Overall Grand Championship matches, competitors must win by two points.
Points are awarded by a majority vote of all judges. The majority of judges do not have to agree on the same technique being scored, only that a point was scored. A majority of the judges calling the point must call a two (2)-point kick before two points can be awarded. Otherwise only one point is awarded .
a) Legal Target Areas: Entire head and face, ribs, chest, abdomen, collarbone and kidneys.
b) Illegal Target Areas: Spine, back of neck, throat, sides of the neck, groin, legs, knees and back.
c) Non-Target Areas: Hips, shoulders, buttocks, arms, and feet.
a) LEGAL TECHNIQUES are all controlled sport karate techniques, except those listed as illegal.
b) ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES: Head butts, hair pulls, bites, scratches, elbows, knees, eye attacks of any kind, take downs on a hard surface floor, ground fighting on a hard surface, any stomps or kicks to the head of a downed competitor, slapping, grabbing for more than one second, uncontrolled blind techniques, any uncontrolled throws, take downs or sweeps and any other uncontrolled dangerous techniques that are deemed unsafe in sport karate.
A competitor may grab the uniform top of his/her opponent in an attempt to score with a sport karate technique for only one second (immediately), after which time he/she must release the uniform. Likewise, the uniform pants may be grabbed for one second to an upright opponent in an attempt to score.
Sweeps are not meant to take down an opponent, but only to obstruct the balance so as to follow up with a sport karate technique and can only be executed to the back of the front leg at mid-calf or below.
a) A sweep must be deemed a proper sweep and not a kick, to be legal.
b) Controlled Takedowns and sweeps that are meant to take down an opponent are not allowed.
c) A point is awarded only when the legal sweep or takedown is followed up effectively legally and immediately with an appropriate sport karate technique.
Light Touch Contact means there is no penetration or visible movement of the competitor because of the contact. Light touch is required to all legal target areas in all black belt sparring divisions. The face shield of a headgear along with the headgear is a legal target area.
Moderate Touch Contact is defined as slight penetration or slight target movement. Moderate touch contact may be made to all legal target areas except the headgear, face shield and face.
a) NO WARNINGS are issued in KBMA Black Belt sparring. Penalty points are issued immediately for breaking the rules.
b) A penalty point will be issues if a competitor, as determined by the center official: Goes out of bounds to avoid competition; Falls down to avoid competition; Runs around the ring to avoid competition; Stalling and/or not attempting to engage the other competitor; Excessive contact, as deemed by the center official; Pushing a competitor out of bound, as deemed by the center official; A coach stands up or leaves the coach’s chair during the match; A competitor arrives at the ring without the proper equipment; A sparring match is ready to start and the competitor is delaying his / her entry in the ring; Competitor refuses to leave the immediate sparring area and additional penalty point may be issued; Late strikes after call to stop; Retaliation strike from a competitor; Competitor’s equipment is incorrectly fitted or properly secured and continues to fall off or requires adjustments; or A competitor purposely removes their equipment.
c) Once a competitor receive 3 penalty points they are disqualified. If a penalty is called on one or both competitors, the penalty point(s) must be issued to the competitor(s). This ensures the penalties are counted to determine an automatic disqualification. For example; both competitor continue to spar after STOP is called. The Center Official calls a penalty on both competitors, one-point penalty should be issued to both competitors.
In Under Black Belts one (1) warning may be issued to the competitor (verify with promoter if Black Belts and UBB have the same rules.) A penalty point will be issued for each minute the competitor is not properly ready to compete. Upon 3 penalty points the offending competitor will be disqualified. At the discretion of the center official, a penalty point may be issued immediately, if the center official believes the competitor is delaying without a valid reason (equipment as an example).
A competitor cannot be penalized and still receive a point on the same call. A competitor can receive a point for a proper technique and another point from a penalty call against his/her competitor. If, in the opinion of the referee and/or the medical personnel, a competitor cannot continue because of an injury caused by an illegal penalized attack executed by his/her competitor, the offending competitor shall be automatically disqualified. The injured competitor cannot continue to compete.
Attacking illegal and non-target areas, using illegal techniques, running out of the ring to avoid fighting, falling to the floor to avoid fighting, continuing after being ordered to stop, excessive stalling, blind, negligent or reckless attacks, uncontrolled techniques, showing unsportsmanlike behavior by the competitor, his/her coaches, friends, etc., excessive contact, and delay of time are just some examples of possible penalization. (See new Limiting Contact between Officials and Competitors for other possible penalizations.)
Requires a majority vote by all officials, unless it is an automatic disqualification. a) Non-Competing Penalty: If, in the majority opinion of the officials, it is considered that one or both competitors are not making an obvious attempt to compete in the sparring match in the true spirit of competition, one or both competitors will be warned and if it continues, will be disqualified. b) Wrong Division: If any competitor competes in a division he/she does not qualify to compete in due to age, weight, rank, gender, style, etc., he/she will be disqualified.
OUT-OF-BOUNDS A competitor is out-of-bounds as soon as he/she does not have at least one foot touching inside or on the boundary line. An out of bounds competitor cannot score a point while out of bounds. In bounds competitor, can score on an out of bounds competitor if the center referee has not called stop.
The luxury of having a coach is something that most competitors do not have access to. Therefore, it sometimes can become an unfair advantage over a competitor who does not have a coach. The rules are made and enforced so no one competitor has an advantage or disadvantage over another competitor. Therefore, coaching is allowed but only under the following guidelines:
a) A Coach is defined as anyone who is trying to help one competitor in anyway. A coach could be but is not limited to a friend, parent, teammate, or an official coach.
b) Never, at any time, can a coach enter the ring without the referee’s permission;
c) No abusive, violent, unsportsmanlike or overzealous coaching;
d) Coaches cannot ask for a time out unless they are protesting a rules violation (only the competitor may ask for a time out). A flag or other tool will be provided, at the coach’s chair, to throw into the ring to call for a judgement or protest. However, if the center official has ruled a judge’s call was late and therefore not considered, arbitration cannot be requested.
e) Coaches can never, at any time, interfere with the proper running of the ring or the decisions of the judges. The center official can issue a penalty point to a competitor for each time his/her coach is interfering with a match or disrupting fair play between contestants. A referee can ask for a disqualification of a contest, but requires a majority vote of all judges.
f) If a coach’s chair is provided, the coach must stay in the chair during the match. A coach’s player can be penalized during a match if they leave the chair without permission of the head judge. The head judge determines the severity of the penalty base on the coach’s conduct.

(a) The medic has the final determination is a competitor may NOT continue, with NO exceptions. (b) If a competitor is injured not due to a penalty they are allowed 4 minutes to determine if they can continue, the time starts immediately. The time may be extended two additional minutes, once the medic reaches the competitor. It is the center official’s responsibility to communicate with the medic and determine if additional time will be allowed. The center official must then inform the scorekeeper who is keeping up with the time of the delay. A medic can always request an extension time to properly determine if the competitor can continue. The maximum time that can be allocated to determine if a competitor can continue is 8 minutes. If the medic requests an extended length of time due to an injury and is officially allowed, it is recommended, if possible, to move to the next match while the injured competitor is recuperating. The timekeeper must record the score and time remaining to properly restart the match. (c) If it is determined the injured competitor cannot continue, due to a penalty as determined by center referee and judges the uninjured competitor is disqualified. (d) If the competitor cannot continue due to a penalty, the injured competitor will receive 7 points as a result of the disqualification. The competitor who committed the violation will get 0 points. (e) If a competitor cannot continue because of an injury where there is no penalty call, the uninjured competitor will receive a 7-point spread. (f) If something happens in any KBMA sparring competition that cannot be answered by the rules stated, the “KBMA Fairness Rule” will come into play. As an example – the failure of a tournament medic to arrive prior, to the expiration of the 4-minute rule.
On a third request for an injury timeout, the competitor will NOT be allowed to continue. The Referee and Judges will follow normal protocol to see if the injury was the results of an illegal technique. Timeout’s A request to stop the time can only be requested by the competitor in the ring. A coach may NOT request the timeout and can be penalized if he or she: – Leave the coach’s chair – Enter the ring; or – Uses profanity The center official, as their discretion, may allow the time out or elect to disregard the request. A flag or other tool will be provided, at the coach’s chair, to throw into the ring to call for a judgement or protest. However, if the center official has ruled a judge’s call was late and therefore not considered, arbitration cannot be requested.
(a) Only offered for Black Belts youth competitors; (b) Boys and Girls will be separated; (c) Division will not be separated into small and tall; (d) Divisions offered are 11 and under, 12 to 14, and 15 to 17; (e) Requires standard Youth equipment, contact levels and seeding; and (f) Order of competitors will be randomly selected; however, consideration will be given to competitors from the same team or same physical school.



Video on Continuous Sparring Click Here
Competition should be executed as its name implies, Light Contact Fighting in a Continuous Manner. Under no circumstances should light contact continuous fighting simulate full contact kickboxing.
Utilizing well-controlled techniques, ring craftsmanship and combination skills, competitors should attempt to “outscore” rather than “overpower” their opponent. Competitors will fight continuously until the referee’s command to STOP. All techniques must be well controlled. Techniques should not “strike through” or “push through” the target. Striking with excessive contact, or uncontrolled striking of any kind will lead to disqualification.
Emphasis must be placed on both punching and kicking techniques. Punching or “boxing” only, for an extended period of time without throwing kicks will downgrade the judge’s evaluation of your performance.
Each match is carried out with running time. The center referee and two judges will evaluate the relative effectiveness of each fighter based on the number, quality and variety of scoring strikes, defense and conditioning. Rules violations (whether penalized by the referee or not) will downgrade the judges evaluation of the offending fighter. The three officials will determine the winner of each match by majority decision.
Uniforms and Equipment
• Safety equipment is for adult divisions (18 yrs. And above): head protection, mouth-guard, approved gloves for contact sports, groin protection, shin guards and foot protection. Youth divisions (17 yrs. And below) will have the same equipment requirement PLUS an approved face shield and chest protector.
• Uniforms are: Traditional uniform top, V-neck top or Team T-shirt and long pants for male fighters, long pants, traditional uniform top, sport top, V neck top or Team T-shirts for female fighters. For both, belts indicating their grade are allowed. NOTE: For competitors who choose to wear T-shirts, they will need to be clearly and obviously part of a TEAM UNIFORM.
• Each fighter must wear a clean uniform in good repair. The waist may be either a drawstring or elastic waistband.
Time and Rounds
• Junior competitors (17 and below) will contest one, 90 second round. Adult competitors will contest one, two-minute round.
Weight Divisions and Weigh-in Procedures
• See ‘Divisions’ listing on website and in event program.
Hand Shaking
Before and after a bout, the fighters will shake hands as a sign of pure sportsmanship and friendly rivalry, according to the fighting regulations. Hand shaking takes place before starting the first round and after the decision.
Legal Target Areas
The following parts of the body may be attacked using the authorized fighting techniques:
· Head – front and side
· Torso – front and side
· Feet – only for sweeping
Legal Techniques – Scoring
Both hand and foot strikes should be used. In evaluating each fighter’s performance the judges will give more credit to the athlete that is effective with a balanced attack of kicks and punches thrown in combination. Punching or “boxing” only for an extended period of time without throwing kicks may be cause for penalization or may downgrade the judge’s evaluation of a fighter’s performance. The authorized striking area of the hand or foot may only make “Clean/ Controlled” Light contact. The fighter must be looking at the point of contact when executing the technique. All techniques must be well executed. Weak techniques or techniques that simply touch or brush or push an opponent will not be scored. Excessive contact, mauling, pushing or rough-housing will be grounds for penalization, downgrading in the judges evaluation and/or disqualification.
If a fighter jumps in the air to attack, he must land inside the ring to score, and he must keep his balance (it is not allowed to touch the floor with any part of the body except the feet).
The following hand techniques may be applied:
• Ridge hand
• All kind of fighting punches
• Backfist (Not Spinning Back Fist)
• Frontkick
• Sidekick
• Roundhouse kick
• Heel kick (sole of the foot only)
• Crescent kick
• Axe kick (sole of the foot only)
• Jumpkicks
• Foot sweeps (boots to boots – ankle/foot level only)
Illegal Target Areas, Prohibited Techniques and Prohibited Behavior
Any technique not listed as legal above, or striking any target not listed as legal above, including, but not limited to the following
It is prohibited to:
• Attack the throat, lower abdomen, kidneys, back, legs, joints, groin and to the back of the head or neck.
• Attack with the knee, elbow, knife-hand, head-butts, thumb and shoulder or a spinning hand strike.
• Turn one’s the back to the opponent, run away, fall down, intentional clinching, blind techniques, wrestling and ducking below opponent’s waist.
• Attack an opponent who is falling to the floor or is already on the floor, that is, as soon as one hand or knees touches the floor.
• Leave the ring without any permission.
• Continue after the command “stop” or “break” or the end of the round has been sounded.
• Oil the face or body.
• Striking below the belt, hooking, tripping, and hitting with knees or elbows.
• Butting with the head, shoulders, forearms and elbows, strangling the opponent, crushing his face with arm or elbow and pushing back the opponent.
• Hitting with open gloves, with the inside of the gloves or with a wrist.
• Hitting the opponent’s back, particularly on the nape of his neck, head and kidneys.
• Lying down, wrestling or not fighting at all.
• Attacking an opponent who is on the floor on getting up.
• Clinching without any reason.
• Hitting while hooking the opponent, or pulling the opponent into the blow.
• Hooking or holding opponent’s arm or putting an arm underneath the arm of the opponent.
• Suddenly lowering one’s head below opponent’s belt in a way that would be dangerous for the latter.
• Using artificial means for a passive defense and falling down intentionally, in order to avoid a blow.
• “Spoiling”. Intentionally preventing your opponent from engaging you by moving around the ring or clinching your opponent in order to cut down on round time.
• Using insulting and aggressive language during a round.
• Refusing to withdraw after the order “BREAK”.
• Trying to land a blow on the opponent immediately after a “BREAK” order and before withdrawing.
• Assailing or insulting the referee at any time.
• Exiting the ring during the fighting competition
o 1st violation or exit – Verbal caution
o 2nd violation or exit – Official warning
o 3rd violation or exit – Disqualification
Violations of the rules and regulations will lead to cautions, warnings, and/or disqualification. Referees may warn penalize a competitor at their discretion depending upon the severity or repetitive nature of the rules violation.
The Center Referee is the arbiter of the rules. If he perceives that a violation has occured he has the discretion to issue one of the following:
A Caution
A “Caution” may be issued without stopping the action of the fight.
An Official Warning
An “Official Warning” is issued by stopping action of the fight. The “Official Warning” indicates that if the referee has to stop the match again for the same or a similar infraction the offending athlete will be disqualified.
A Disqualification
A “Disqualification” awards the match to the offending fighter’s opponent.
The referee has the discretion to use Cautions, Warnings and Disqualification according to the severity of the offense. A fighter does not have to be Cautioned in order to receive an Official Warning. Nor does he have to receive an Official Warning prior to being Disqualified.
The following may lead to immediate disqualification:
• Excessive contact resulting in an injury
• Repeatedly striking with excessive contact
• Uncontrolled or malicious attacks
• Excessive or continuous hitting after “stop” command
• Extreme unsportsmanlike conduct of a fighter such as insulting the referee or the opponent
The match should be interrupted if an injury occurs. In the event of injury, time may only be interrupted until the doctor decides on the seriousness of the injury, that is, whether or not the fight can continue or whether it must be stopped. Treatment of the injury can only be done in between rounds or after the match. If the injury needs to be treated, the match must be stopped. In any case, cuts cannot be taped. If the match is stopped due to injury, the officials must decide:
• Who caused the injury?
• Whether or not it was intentional.
• Whether or not it was self-inflicted.
If the injury was not intentional and the injured fighter cannot continue fighting immediately, the uninjured fighter is declared the winner.
If the injury is due to a violation of the rules, the responsible fighter may be disqualified.
If the injury is due to his own fault, the uninjured fighter is declared the winner.
Referees Powers and Responsibilities:
The referee has the power to:
• Stop a fight at any moment if he finds it to be too one-sided.
• Stop a fight at any moment if one of the fighters has received an unauthorized blow or is wounded, or if he considers a fighter unable to continue.
• Stop a fight at any moment if he finds the fighters behaving in an “unsportsman-like” manner. In such a case, he must disqualify one fighter.
• Warn a fighter or stop the bout and give a minus point or warning to a fighter for an offence.
• Disqualify a coach or a second who has broken the regulations or the fighter himself if his coach or the second fails to obey to his orders.
• Disqualify, with or without a warning, a fighter who has committed an offence.
• Interpret the rules as long as they are applicable or compatible with the fight that is taking place, or, at a special moment, decide on a move which does not appear in the rules.
• If a fighter breaks the rules but does not necessarily deserve a disqualification, the referee must stop the fight and give a warning to the fighter of a foul. Before the warning, the referee must order the fighter to stop fighting. The warning must be given clearly, so that the fighter understands the reason and cause of the penalty. The referee must hand signal to each judge that a particular warning has been given and clearly show which fighter has been punished. After having given the warning, the referee orders the fighters to fight again. If a fighter has given three official warnings within the same bout, he is disqualified.
• A referee may give a caution to a fighter. A caution means a warning given by a referee to a fighter for breaking the rule. In order to do this he doesn’t need to stop the fight, and may reprimand the fighter during the fight.
The referee has a responsibility to:
• Check the safety equipment and clothes of the fighters
• Make sure that the rules of fair play are strictly observed.
• Supervise the whole bout.
• Consider the merits of the two fighters and chose the winner according to the regulations.
• At the end of a bout, call for the decision by show of hands.
• The referee must not announce the winner by raising a fighter’s arm or in any other way before the official in charge announces the decision.
• Each official must independently consider the merits of the two fighters and chose the winner according to the regulations.
• During the match, he will not talk to fighter, other judges, or anybody else, with the exception of the referee. He may, if necessary at the end of a round, notify the referee about any incident that he has missed, for example telling him about the misbehaviour of a second, etc.
Judges Scoring System
Every round is separately evaluated by each of the judges according to a positive criteria that will gain a fighter points and negative criteria that will deduct points:
Positive Judges Criteria (That Will Earn a Fighter Credit towards Victory)
• clean and controlled scoring strikes
• the demonstration of effective combination striking
• the effectiveness of the fighters defense
• the variety of strikes used (hands and feet)
• excellent physical condition
Negative Judges Criteria (That Will Reduce a Fighters Credit towards Victory)
• Rules Violations whether cautioned or warned by the referee or not
• Cautions and/or Warning by the referee for rules violations
• “bulling”, or any effort to overpower an opponent rather than demonstrate superior skill
• lack of combination striking
• lack of variety in strikes (hands and feet)
• poor physical condition



Video on Jiu jitsu/Grappling Click Here

General Overview of Rules (subject to discretion of head referee and coordinator)
There will be a rules orientation before the start of the competition

1. Each competitor will be asked to wear a Red or Blue Belt to assist with the referee in scoring points correctly.
2. Takedowns or throws: Land on Top in Guard, Half Guard or Side Mount – 2 points
3. Sweep with Legs (from Half Guard or Full Guard) -2 points
4. Knee on belly -2 Points - must show proper posture with one leg fully posted on the “belly” and one stretched out with foot on the ground
5. Pass Guard/Half Guard Fully to Side Mount- 3 points- Must fully clear legs and arms and have opponent on back
6. Mounted position (both knees on the ground)- 4 points
7. Back Mount with Leg Hooks (or Knees on the Ground with Opponent Flat on his stomach)- 4 points
8. Points will be accumulated during the entire length of the match.
9. Advantages: described as submission attempts that posed a real threat to other fighter, near takedowns, near sweep, near passes etc. The referee will signal verbally (i.e. Advantage Red) and with his/her arm by moving it in a horizontal motion.
10. Advantages will only be used in the case of a tie with points.
11. Referee will signal all Points Verbally (i.e. 2 Points Green) and by signaling with his/her color code wristbands and fingers as points are tallied- to ensure points/advantages are properly counted.
12. Match Durations: Kids/ Teens: 4 minutes-----All White Belts: 5 minutes-----All Blue Belts: 6 minutes------All Purple-Belts: 7 minutes----All Brown Belts: 8 minutes----All Black Belt: 10 minutes … Overtime: In Case of a tie with Points and Advantages, competitors will compete in one over time (½ time of regulation match) and then the referee will make a decision. The effective aggressor most likely wins if no points are scored. Do not leave it up to the referee.
13. No Compression Locks Allowed (Bicep/Calf Crunchers)
14. LEG LOCKS------ Beginner (less than one year) = No Leg Locks or Lower Body Attacks are allowed .. Advanced (more than one year) = Only Straight Ankle Locks and Knee Bars are allowed….NOTE: No Twisting Leg Locks are permitted in ANY Children’s or Teen’s Divisions
15. LEG LOCKS for all Men’s, Women’s and Master’s White, Blue, and Purple Belts: Only Straight Ankle Locks and Knee Bars are allowed, No Twisting Leg Locks or Figure Fours are permitted.
16. LEG LOCKS for All Men’s, Women’s and Master’s Brown/Black Belt Divisions: Straight Ankle Locks, Knee Bars and Figure Fours are Allowed
17. No Reaping of the Knee (using feet to angle the knee in a dangerous position, similar to heel hook position)- No Heel Hooks or Calf Crushers
18. Required Uniform for BJJ: A Clean Kimono with sleeves no shorter the four fingers width from the wrist, Any Color Kimono is acceptable, but the bottom and top must match. Try to get some sponsors on your kimono—tons of real estate available for sponsorship. Competitors weigh in without their Kimono.


General Overview of Rules (subject to the discretion of coordinator)
1. NO SLAMMING ALLOWED ** NOTE**- Takedowns are not considered slamming, unless intent to injure is determined by the referee. This is to avoid slamming to escape the guard and various submissions from the guard and to prevent any major injury.
2. You must deliver your opponent safely to the mat, meaning if you take your opponent down, you must come down with your opponent. This prevents “pro wrestling” type dangerous slams. Anyone violating this rule will be immediately disqualified.
3. No Infectious Diseases Allowed: Competitors with any of the following infectious diseases will NOT be allowed compete: Herpes (cold sores), Fungal Infections (Ringworm) and any form of Staph, Viral or other Bacterial Infections or outbreaks. Please try to avoid embarrassing situations and police yourself and your teammates.
4. General Cleanliness: Come to the event clean with trimmed toe and finger nails. Competitors with Offensive odors before the before the event starts will be refunded and kindly asked to leave the tournament. We are looking to create a safe, clean and friendly environment---Please help the sport out and do your part!!
5. Scoring Points: To gain points for any move or position, the competitor(aggressor) must show clear control for a 3 second count by the referee---this is the key in point scoring for Grapplers —TOTAL CONTROL FOR 3 SECONDS TO EARN POINTS
6. Injury Time: If either competitor is bleeding, the match will be stopped immediately. The mat will be cleaned with rubber gloves and Clorox wipes to ensure cleanliness. A competitor is entitled to a total of 3 minutes of injury time to stop any bleeding. If at any time during the match, a cut begins to bleed again, the match will be stopped immediately and your opponent will win by “Injury Default”
7. NO DISRESPECTING REFEREES / VOLUNTEERS: We will also be enforcing fully, the zero tolerance rule of disrespecting, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing referees for the entirety of the event. If ant coach, parent, or competitor threatens or abuses the referee in any shape or form, their competitor will be disqualified and they will be escorted out of the building by security.
8. AWARDS: will be awarded to athletes achieving first, second, and third place in each division. If you placed in the top three you will be given a ticket to redeem your award from the AWARDS AREA.
9. Anti-Stalling Rules: The referee will issue warnings for the following: (i.e. backing out of the guard without engaging, butt scooting, fleeing the ring to avoid takedown/submission attempts)…1st offense of stalling= Official Warning……..2nd offense of stalling will result in a 2 Point deduction…….3rd offense for stalling will result in a 3 Point deduction……4th offense of stalling will result in a disqualification.
10. Out of Bounds or Near Edge: If competitors near the edge, the referee will wait until a resting period and or until he/she feels the competitor might be in danger and restart the competitors in the same position in the center. If a competitor scramble takes place near the edge, the referee will yell STOP and restart the competitors in the center the ring in the standing position.
11. Remember to enjoy yourselves, have fun, fight hard, and leave healthy---and know that you are doing what most people dream of doing with each and every passing event.
No-Gi Scoring System & Regulations
1. Each competitor will be asked to wear a Red or Green Ankle Marker to assist the referee in scoring points correctly.
2. Takedowns or Throws: Land on Top in Guard or Half Guard-2 Points Land on Top in Side Mount or Full Mount-3 Points (points will be awarded separately for Full Mount after an additional 3 seconds of control)
3. Sweep with Legs (from Half Guard or Full Guard)-2 Points—Inversions (Power Rolls from the Side Mount or Full Mount are NOT considered Sweeps and are not awarded any points or advantages
4. Pass opponents guard or Half Guard to Side Mount-3 points
5. Mounted position (both knees on the ground) 4 points
6. Back Mount with Leg Hooks (or Knees on the Ground with Opponent Flat on his Stomach) 4 points
7. Points will be accumulated during the entire length of the match.
8. Advantages: described as submission attempts that pose a real threat to the other fighter, near takedowns, near sweeps, near passes, etc.) The referee will signal verbally (ex. Advantage Red) and with his/her arm by moving it in a horizontal motion. Advantages will also be scored for a competitor passing from their opponent’s Full Guard to a Secure Half Guard (opponent should be more on their back than on their hip to score.)
9. Advantages will only be used in the case of a tie with points.
10. Referee will signal all Points Verbally (i.e. 2points Green) and by signaling with his/her colorcoded wristbands and fingers as points are tallied—to ensure points/advantages are properly counted.
Match Lengths: All Kids/Teens (Beg. and Adv.)/Women’s Beginner/Men’s Novice& Men’s Beginner=4 mins.
Men’s Intermediate/ Men’s Executive & Masters/Women’s Advanced=5 min
Men’s Advanced/No-Gi Absolute Matches=6 minutes
Overtime (OT): In Case of a Tie with Points and Advantages, competitors will compete in one overtime (1/2 time of the regulation match) and then the referee will make a decision based upon effective aggressiveness. The competitor dictating the pace and trying to score points would win
11. Ways to Win a Match=Tapou T Submission- Ends match immediately when you signal referee to give up…
Verbally: If you cannot tap or yell during a submission, the referee has the authority to stop the match if he/she believes you are in danger…POINTS: During the match, your score is tracked at the JUDGES Table via two large point flippers. At the beginning and end of each match, please line-up competitors on the same side as their scoring side. ADVANTAGES: If the score is tied, the referee will award the match to the competitor who has recorded the most Advantages……REF STOPPAGE/INJURY DEFAULT: If a competitor cannot continue due to injury or if the referee determines the submission has caused unconsciousness or another serious injury.
DISQUALIFICATION: If a competitor breaks any of the rules after officially being warned or blatantly attempts to hurt their opponent, shows bad sportsmanship, or slams their opponent illegally, they will lose the match by DQ, immediately.
12. All Referee Decisions are 100% FINAL-all of the referees are paid professionals and have many hours of professional training in the arts of Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Submission Grappling, amongst other ground fighting and stand up arts. They are to be respected at ALL TIMES will have a threat-free and pressure-free environment. Disrespect and “hounding “the referee will not be tolerated. Repeat offenders will be escorted out of the building.
13. No Compression Locks Allowed (Bicep, Calf Crunchers, or Compression Knee Locks --- SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN.
14. LEG LOCKS (No-Gi/BJJ) for children’s and Teen’s Divisions: BEGINNER (less than one year) No leg locks or lower body attacks are allowed……ADVANCED (more than one year) = only Straight Ankle Locks and Knee Bars are allowed…NOTE: No Twisting Leg Locks are permitted in any Children’s or Teen’s Divisions
15. No Neck Cranks, and no Cervical Locks in all divisions EXCEPT MEN’S ADVANCED
16. No covering of the mouth or “muffler” techniques to smother your opponent.
LEG LOCKS (No-Gi): Executive/Masters: Only Straight Leg Locks (Ankle Locks and Knee Bars) are permitted—No Figure Four Ankle Locks are permitted. Men’s Novice, Beginner, & Intermediate: Only Straight Leg Locks (Ankle Locks and Knee Bars are permitted) --- No Figure Four Ankle Locks permitted. Men’s Advanced: All non-compression leg locks are permitted (heel hooks, figure four toe holds, knee bars, etc…Women’s Advanced: All non-compression leg locks are permitted (heel hooks, figure four toe holds knee bars, etc.
17. Uniform for No-Gi: Tight/ Snug fitting t-shirt or Rash guard on top with board shorts, Lycra Shorts, or Kimono pants on the bottom. Please make sure all pants have a drawstring and or another way to keep them secured to your waist during the match.
18. Absolutely 100% No Clothing Grabbing in No-Gi Submission Grappling Divisions.

Toe Holds are allowed (aka Figure Four)
Straight Knee Bars are allowed, Straight Ankle Locks are allowed
Twisting Ankle or Twisting Leg Locks are NOT allowed
Straight Ankle locks are allowed
No attacks below the waist (No Knee bars, foot locks, etc.)
You must hold your position for 3 seconds In order to get the above point
 Mount Position 4 POINTS
 Rear Mount Position 4 POINTS
 Pass Guard to Side Position 3 POINTS
 Knee on Stomach Position 2 POINTS
 Sweep from the Guard 2 POINTS
 Takedowns 2 POINTS

 NO Gi Divisions (Gi/Uniforms are not required, at a minimum shorts with a draw string, cup and mouthpiece must be worn). Any intentional use of an illegal technique or act of poor sportsmanship will result in the immediate ejection of competitor/spectators. NO HEEL HOOKS or NECK CRANKS allowed in the kids divisions, NO SLAMMING from the Guard allowed in any of the divisions.
 If fighters are deadlocked, the referee may re-start the match from a standing position.
 If a match is considered a “Draw” by the referee, then there will be a 2-minute overtime for adults, 1-minute overtime for kids/teens. Judges are encouraged to choose a winner in every match should it not end by submission.
 If the fight does not end by submission the referee will choose the winner.
 Fighters are NOT allowed to grab and use their opponents clothing, T-shirts are optional (No-Gi Div.)
3. No dropping or slamming of opponent on their head, no slamming from the Guard Position.
2. No striking of any kind including: head butts, punches, elbows, knees, kicks etc.
1. No attacks to the front of the windpipe (i.e. Finger in throat), eyes (elbows, palms, fingers, etc.) or groin. No fish hooks, no hair pulling, or biting. No pushing palm or elbow directly into nose.
 All Submission Techniques are legal (including heel hooks, knee locks, guillotine chokes etc.) except:
 Kids & Teens 3 Minutes (Expert are 4 Minutes); All other divisions will be 4 Minutes in length except Adult Intermediate 5 Minutes, Advanced Divisions which are 6 Minutes.
“Tap-Out” when caught in a submission technique. Tapping out can be done both verbally and through a physical tap.
 Consciously Submitting – It is VERY important that all competitors understand how to


Team Sparring Rules

Video on Team Sparring Click Here

3 man Team Sparring and 2-Women Team Sparring
A. Teams:
Competitors must be 18 years old or older (KBMA Age Rule). No junior competitor
can participate in Adult sparring competition.
A team consist of 3 men or 2 women and 1 alternate competitor; plus 1 optional
A team must have a team card with all names, including the alternate competitor
and alternate coach listed on the card and submitted to the center referee prior to
start of the division.
When teams are called to the sparring surface (mat) only the 3 men or 2 women
can appear on the mat. The alternate for that match must remain off the sparring
B. Alternates:
An alternate competitor can be use used in a match, but must be declared when
the competitors are called to the match (mat) at the start of the team round.
After the start of the team round and the three fighter are declared, the alternate
fighter cannot be used in that team round unless there is an injury (see injury rule
A team may only have 1 alternate at a tournament and cannot be changed during
the tournament.
An alternate can replace an injured competitor that cannot continue during a
match. If this happens the injured competitor cannot be used again in the team
event at that tournament. (If it is considered by the officials, with great certainty,
that a fighter is faking an injury for any reason the fighter can be disqualified). See
disqualification of team fighters and points awarded.
C. Match Rules:
1. A flip of a coin will determine who sends out the first competitor. The winner
of the coin flip can decide to send the first competitor or have the other
team send out first. After the first competitors, the teams then alternate
who must sends out a fighter first to be matched by the other team.
2. All matched are 90 seconds long.
3. The competitors who earns a 10 point spread or is ahead at the end of 90
seconds is declared the winner of the first 2 matches (first match only in 2 –
women teams). If either or both of the first 2 matches end in a tie, they
remained tied. No run-off of ties in the first 2 matches (or match 1 of 2-
4. The final match is total points match using the full 90 seconds.
5. The team with the most accumulated points wins.
6. If at the end of the final match the accumulated score is a tie, the final
match continues using the sudden victory rule (first competitor to score
D. General Rules:
1. All regular KBMA Light touch point calling rules will apply.
2. Out of Bound, falling down or excessive running (as determined by the
head official) around the ring will be considered an attempt to avoid
competition and the other competitor will be awarded a point.
3. A competitor is consider out of bound when they have both feet off the
sparring area (mat). If the competitor is out of bounds without being kicked
out or physically pushed out of bounds, their opponent will receive 1 point.
4. If a competitor goes out of bounds while the other competitor is kicking or
punching, near the competitor WITHOUT actually touching the
competitor, the competitor will be considered leaving the sparring area to
avoid competition and the other competitor will receive a point. A fighter
must stay engaged in the match if he goes at of bounds not to be
5. If a fighter touches the ground / mat with, with any part of their body,
except their feet or 1 hand they are consider down.
6. A point cannot be scored by a down competitor and a downed competitor
cannot be score on. If an upright competitor strikes a down competition
they can be penalized.
7. A competitor who leaves their feet while in-bounds, must land with 1 or
feet in-bound to score a point
8. All scoring techniques to regular legal targets will be:
i. 1 point for any hand technique
ii. 2 points for any kicking technique
iii. 3 point for a jump-spinning kick to the head.
E. Injured Competitor
1. If a competitor is injured not due to a penalty they are allowed 4 minutes to
determine if they can continue. After the time has expired, they must
continue or will be declared unable to continue. If they are declared unable
to continue the alternate competitor completes the sparring match in
2. If it is determined the injured competitor cannot continue due to a penalty
as determined by center referee and judges the uninjured competitor is
3. If the competitor cannot continue due to a penalty, the injured competitor
will receive 10 points as a results of the disqualification. The competitor who
committed the violation will get 0 points for that round.
4. If a competitor cannot continue because of an injury where there is no
penalty call and they do not have an alternate to continue the match, the
uninjured competitor will receive a ten point spread unless it is the last
match. If it happen in the last match, the other team will be declared the
winner even if they have less points at that time.
5. If a competitor is disqualified in the last match the other team automatically
will be declared the winner of that team match.
6. Once a competitor is injured and replaced by the alternate, the injured
competitor cannot compete for the remainder of the team sparring
7. If something happens in the team sparring competition that cannot be
answered by the rules stated, the “KBMA Fairness Rule” will come into
F. Penalties and Warning
1. A penalty point will be issues if a competitor:
i. Goes out of bounds to avoid competition
ii. Falls down to avoid competition
iii. Runs around the ring to avoid competition
iv. Excessive contact, as deem by the center referee
v. Pushing a competitor out of bound, as deemed by the center referee
vi. A coach stand`s up or leaves the coaches chair, during the match
vii. Team members refuse to leave the immediate sparring area
2. Once a competitor receive 3 penalty points they are disqualified
3. Once a competitor is issued a penalty point they CANNOT receive a warning.
G. Disqualified competitor
1. Loses all points they have earned in the match
2. If during the final match, his / her team cannot win, the opposing team will
be declared the winner.
3. Any competitor who injures a competitor with an illegal techniques.
4. Any competitor, team member, or coach who enter the sparring area, in the
event an altercation happens, and accelerate the altercation / does not
attempt to control their competitor, will be disqualified. For example, a fight
between 2 competitors, if any the above enters the sparring area and
throws a punch or kick, they will immediately be disqualified.
5. If 2 or more members, of any team is disqualified, the team automatically
loses the match.


The Official Rules For

Video on Point Kickboxing Click Here

 Bouts are 1 to 3 rounds of 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2-2 minutes in length, 3- 2 minutes etc. depending on the fighters Experience and Age. Please note: Round length should be advertise in advance of the event.
 If there is a small division or advanced divisions, IKF Representative, promoter, trainer and fighter may all agree to increase length of a round or rounds. See Additional Round information below.
• Standard Boxing rules apply in all divisions.


 Semi-contact only. NO KNOCKOUTS ALLOWED!
There are no Knockouts and, or Technical Knockouts. If a fighter quits, ( for example due to exhaustion) this will give a win to his or her opponent by DEFAULT.
 HAND & FOOT STRIKES to the HEAD - Semi- Contact Only - The Official IKF Ring Referee or the IKF Ringside Representative, may penalized by points or disqualify the striker.
 No *Knockouts allowed. Any Knockout will result in Disqualification of the striker. *There are some exceptions to a person stopping or faking a knockout. This circumstance shall be determined by the Official IKF Ring Referee or the IKF Ringside Representative. Together, they will determine the reason for the stoppage and designate the winner.
 No kicks or punches in the back spine area, groin or knee joints.
 Faking and, or over exaggerating a blow will be closely monitored.
 Axe Kicks and Spinning Heel Kicks will only be allowed when the person delivering the axe kick is wearing a full foot covered safety boot/pad/shoe that covers the heel of the foot. In any case, full control is to be exercised when executing this kick.

 Mouth Piece.
 Headgear- All Juniors must wear Faceguard with headgear- Headgear that a glove can not touch the face is also acceptable.
 Groin Cup.
 Foot Pads- All divisions/rule styles must wear foot gear that covers the toes.
 Shin Pads.
 All fighters wear IKF APPROVED boxing gloves.
 GLOVES: 12 or 16 ounce Boxing Gloves. (Weight, Age and Experience shall determine glove SIZE. 12 Ounce are for JUNIOR Divisions, 16 ounce for ADULT Divisions. 10oz may be use for ages 4-8 year old).
 Hand Wraps - Standard hand-wraps should be worn by all competitors.
 Breast and Chest Protectors, Face Guard Protectors- Are optional for adults but are recommended. If one fighter chooses not to wear a protector, it will have no bearing on the scoring. The winner will still be determined by who hits the point areas most effectively.
 Three judges will sit at ringside and score each bout based on a 10 point must system just like in regular boxing or kickboxing. The winner gets 10, the loser gets 9 or less if point deductions occur.
 Bouts will be solely judged on who lands the most strikes / points in the designated areas based on the judges discretion.
 It will not be judged on who the crowd is chanting for on one's "show boating" etc.
 Point Kickboxing is a semi contact event and no full contact techniques will be allowed.
 If judges rule that a participants is intentionally trying to hurt someone or hurts someone resulting from a full contact blow that participant will be disqualified with no refund. (this will be at judges discretion majority rules).
 Full protective gear is Mandatory - approved head gear, mouth piece, groin protectors, shin guards, hand wraps and foot pads must be worn.
 All strikes must be in designated striking areas... these are front head area, front body area, inside and outside of thigh... no groin strikes. If there is a draw in a match there will be an extra round to determine a winner.
 If a leg kick is thrown and it is blocked with the shin portion of the leg...it is not a point.
 If a knee is thrown to the body but is blocked it is not a point. All techniques must land in designated striking area to be counted as a point.
• Point Deduction or Possible Disqualifications
 No elbows!
 Too Much Contact- Reminder all techniques must be controlled with semi - contact only.
 Use of profanity and un-professionalism.

Frequently Aasked Question About
1. What are the Weight Classes?
1. Lightweight: 149.9 and below.
2. Middleweight: 150-175.
3. Heavyweight: 175.1 - & up.
 If these division have to vast of a weight difference and the division is too big...we will make another class.
1. Lightweight: 121 and below.
2. Middleweight: 121.1-143.
3. Heavyweight: 143.1 - & UP
 JUNIORS - Ages 17 & Below
 8-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-17. Age will be first factor, weight the second factor.
Can events have more than one round eliminations?
Yes. In some cases there can be dual round eliminations. However, at this time we only do single round elimination because most competitors at this level or not conditioned enough to complete the division. A promoter must advertise in advance if the they have approval from the IKF to have dual round eliminations.
Do the fights take place in a boxing ring?
No. Its a floor / mat competition.
Will you let some pretty hard contact occur to the body?
Only Semi Contact is allowed. ( HEAD OR BODY) and contact is strictly enforced! You will feel the intensity of the fight!
What about leg kicks?
Yes, International and Muay Thai Rules semi contact divisions allow leg kicks. Kicks must be on the inside and outside thigh ...NO JOINT STRIKES.
Soft leg kicks?
Yes. Remember, you can only win on points not TKO'S or KO'S.
Are there Grand Championship fights?
Yes. An event can have grand championships fights. However, there is only one fight and in most cases only the closest two weight divisions can fight for grand championships.
What size of gloves will the fighters wear?
Adults: 16 Ounce, Boxing Glove with a Velcro Style Closure. Juniors: 12 Ounce, Boxing Glove with a Velcro Style Closure. Children 4 to 8 years of age in their separate divisions can wear 10oz. gloves.
What about Face Guards?
All Juniors...regardless of size will have to wear headgear with a face guard or Headgear that a glove will make minimum make contact with the face....No Exceptions!
Shouldn't everyone wear big gloves?
Yes, They will for their size...This will be carefully monitored. We will have assorted sizes at the event and it will be predetermined before matches what sizes are to be worn for smaller children. This area will be closely monitored... SAFETY FIRST!
Can you fight in more than one class? I mean could you fight both Kickboxing rules and International rules?
For the most part...No. However, if divisions will not clash and, or be running at the same time...it may be allowed if approved by the IKF/PKB official. There will not be a refund if one signs up for two divisions and are not able to compete for whatever reason other than that of the promoter or the IKF/PKB division.
Can highly experienced kick boxers participate?
Yes, we have both Beginner and Advanced Divisions. However, the same semi contact rules apply.
What should we wear?
Regular Kickboxing Rules (High Kick/Above Waist) all must wear Long Pants. International Rule/ Muay Thai Rules (Kicks allowed to the legs) competitors must wear Shorts.
Can we knee to the head in the MuayThai bouts and use elbows?
No . In the International Rule bouts there are no knees or elbows allowed. Knees may be allowed in Advance Muay Thai Divisions.
Is it mandatory for all juniors to wear the Headgear with faceguard?
Yes. All juniors regardless of skill level must wear the face guard. We feel that IKF Point kickboxing in designed to improved ones skill not see how much punishment that can take.
I'm an adult and am nervous about getting hit in the face and prefer not to get punched directly in the face...can I wear the headgear with faceguards?
Yes. You have the option to wear open or closed face head gear. Its not about the power but how many times someone hits the gear.
Bout Lengths & Round Lengths?
Each fight is 1 Round comprising of 2 Minutes. Grand Championship bouts may go two rounds but must be approved in advance of the bout. The bout will be judged at the end of each round or at the end of the second round. Bout lengths and round lengths can be determined by the IKF Rep., Promoter, coaches and fighters in advance of if an adjustment is needed.
Bout Lengths - Amended for Clarity 6/27/07
 Each fight could be 2-2 minute rounds. If the judges come to the conclusion in private that there is a draw then there will be a third round to determine the winner. Bouts could also go 3-2 minute rounds.
 This will be for adult and junior divisions. However, the IKF/PKB representative will retain the right to make an adjustment if needed for the much smaller kids...kind of like seeing who's there...for greater safety concerns....they might fight the same format but perhaps 60 or 90 second rounds.
 The aforementioned format can be used at all IKF/PKB tournaments but must be advertise in the promotion literature in advance of the event.
 Advance agreement to alter the round can be approved by the IKF/PKB Rep. However, Safety and No Knockout rules must be adhered to at all times.


Flag Sparring Rules

Video on Flag Sparring Click Here

Flag sparring is a form of non-contact sparring. To flag spar, competitors are fitted with two
“flags”, fragments of belt or other material, which hang at each competitor's side from their
karate belts. Competitors score by removing flags from their opponent, and win by
removing all of their opponent's flags.
A competitor scores by successfully removing an opponent's flag. A flag is considered
removed if it is completely separated from an opponent's body or, in the opinion of the
Referee, would have been separated except for the opponent's use of a prohibited
defense. A flag is only successfully removed if it is removed without the use of a
prohibited attack.
In the event an opponent's flag is removed by the use of a prohibited attack, the opponent
shall have the flag replaced.
In the event an opponent's flag is moved but not removed, the flag shall not be repositioned
or replaced. If a flag is moved after the match has stopped, the Referee may reposition the
flag back to where it was positioned before the flag was moved.
If both competitors remove their opponent's last flag simultaneously, the Referee shall return
the flags to the competitors and resume the match as if no scoring techniques had occurred.
In general, if more than one flag is removed “at the same time”, the Referee should score
only the first flag removed and replace the remaining flag(s). If it is not possible to
determine the first flag removed, multiple flags may be scored.
Prohibited Attacks
•Removing a flag after the match has stopped.
•Removing a flag while a body part other than the foot is in contact with the ground.
•Removing a flag by or during the commission of a penalty.
•Removing a flag in a way which, in the opinion of the Referee, is dangerous or likely
to cause injury to one or both competitors.
Prohibited Defenses
•Holding one's own flag.

Beginning and Ending the Match
A match begins by having competitors face each other, standing completely behind the
designated starting lines. Opponents shall bow to each other prior to starting the match to
demonstrate respect. The Referee shall then signal the competitors to start.
A match ends when:
•One competitor has removed all of an opponent’s flags.
•Time expires.
•A competitor is disqualified.
At the end of a match:
•The competitors stand completely behind the designated starting lines.
•The Referee shall indicate the winner.
•The opponents shall bow to each other to demonstrate respect.
•Competitors are also encouraged to shake hands to demonstrate sportsmanship.
The Referee shall stop the match at the end of the match time. The competitor with the
highest score shall be declared the winner. If competitors have equal scores, the Referee
shall declare a winner based on which competitor, in the Referee's opinion, demonstrated
the greatest character, skill, technique, or other appropriate criteria.
Matches last for one minute thirty seconds. The Timekeeper shall signal clearly when ten
seconds remain in the match time. Time is measured in “stop-time”; the timekeeper shall
begin recording time as soon as the Referee commands the match to start and shall stop
recording time as soon as the Referee commands the match to stop.
Starting and Stopping the Match
The Referee shall command forcefully and signal the competitors to stop in the following
•Whenever a flag is removed.
•Whenever a competitor commits a penalty.
•When time has expired.
•If a competitor's karate belt appears loose or in danger of falling off.
When the match is stopped, competitors should stand completely behind the designated
starting lines.

Before starting a match, the Referee should check to ensure that both competitors':
•Karate belts are securely fastened with an appropriate knot.
•Shirt sleeves and pant legs are cut or rolled to avoid causing a hazard.
•Protective gear is worn and fastened properly.
•Both flags are placed appropriately.
•There are no other conditions which may negatively impact the fairness or safety of
the match.
•Leaving the ring.
•Falling to the ground.
•Pushing an opponent to the ground.
•Slapping at an opponent.
•Grabbing hold of an opponent's body or arms (particularly if not done as part of a
[missed] attempt to score).
•Moving, repositioning, or otherwise handling one's own flag after the match has
•Taunting an opponent or otherwise demonstrating poor sportsmanship.
•Behaving in a way which is dangerous or likely to cause injury.
The Referee has discretion to determine when competitors' behaviors become dangerous.
Behaviors which may be dangerous include, but are not limited to:
•Competitors standing off from one another and then one or both charging at the
•Competitor raising hands and arms to an opponent's head level.
•Competitor leaning forward, particularly if done over an extended period of time / not
as part of a specific attempt to score.
Penalties should generally be resolved with the least punitive method possible. Punitive
methods should escalate only if necessary. In general, the Referee may choose to escalate
punitive methods for repetitive penalties as follows:
•First offense: Verbal warning. The Referee may choose to not stop the match if
continuing does not negatively impact fairness.
•Second offense: Stop match and repeat verbal warning.
•Third offense: Stand directly in front of offending competitor and issue another verbal
•Fourth offense: Remove one flag or replace one flag on the offending competitor's
opponent. Ending a match by removing a flag for penalty should generally be
Fifth offense: Disqualification.


Padded Stick/Sword Fighting
Video on Padded Sword Fight  Click Here

Required Equipment — Headgear with full face cage, mouthpiece, groin cup, and safety gloves
Optional Equipment – Chest protector, shin pads, footgear which offers full coverage from heel to toe.
(Foam) Weapon’s Contact Rules:
There Is No Age Limit for Weapon Sparring Competitors

Weapon Specifications:
Core: The core part of the weapon should be soft and light wood or synthetic plastic material.
Cushion: The cushion must be of sponge or foam that is light and soft. There should be at least 1/3 in. of free moving space between the core and the cushion all around in order to buffer the shock.
Cover: The cloth cover material made of slippery texture is required to secure the core and the cushion. And, it should not be sandy or rough in texture, so it does not cause any abrasion when it contacts and brushes the bare skin.
Tip: The Tips of the weapons should be cushioned at least 2 inches thick with very soft sponge, not hard foam.
Handle: The Handle does not require any cushion.
The Pommel of the handle: The pommel of the handle (the lowest part of the handle below your grip), must be cushioned at least 1 inch thick.
Guards: The guards for swords or spears must be made of soft rubber, foam, or hard sponge.
Tassel: Not required. If used, only red non-metallic tassels are allowed. If any weight is used on the tassels, only sponge weights are permitted.
Flexibility: All weapons should be somewhat flexible, not rigid.
Breakage: If your weapon breaks during a match, the judge will suspend the fight and the competitor many change the weapon (only the same type, identical weapon).

Damage: If damage of a weapon occurs, both competitors should voluntarily and immediately stop the engagement. Continuing the fight with a damaged weapon will cause disqualification of the fighter/s.

Metal: Absolutely no metal parts allowed in the structure.
Weight: All weapons should be light in weight. If a competitor has a heavier than normally accepted ICWSF/WSF certified weapon, he/she should obtain pre-authorization from the center referee prior to competition to avoid disqualification.
• A short weapon is defined as any weapon up to 48 inches in overall length.
• A long weapon is defined as any weapon longer than 48 inches in overall length.
Acceptance of required equipment is at the sole discretion of the Center Referee and tournament staff.
Time: Running two (2) minutes. Time stopped only at the request of the Center Referee.
If there is no score, or even scores at the end of two minutes, the “Quick Death” method is used to determine the winner within next one minute. Then -judges call after 1 minute.
In the event of “Quick Death,” any gain of points will immediately determine the winner.
* 3 Points Scored for Strikes to the head, torso (front and back) or for disarming a weapon. (loss of weapon).
* 2 Points Scored for Strikes to the arms and or legs.
* 1 Points Scored for Pommel Strike
* Score areas: Side of head, forehead, chest, stomach, back, side areas, arms, and legs.
Winners Options:
OPTION 1 – Time Limited Competition
The winner is the competitor who obtains the highest score in the time allotted.
OPTION 2 – Score Limited Competition
The match will be awarded to the competitor reaching full score first (total of 10 points).
Penalties: (Fouls)
* Attacking with Excessive Force
* Attacking to the No Contact” areas such as eyes, groin, or base of skull.
* No excessive contact or repeated blows once point has been called.
* Two points will be deducted if one loses a weapon. If both fighters lose their weapons, the referee will stop the fight and both fighters will collect their weapons to resume the fight.
* Throwing a weapon is not allowed, and considered voluntary disarming which causes a deduction of two points.
* Each illegal attack will receive a penalty from any one judge, and lose 2 points.
* If the referee determines that a fighter is intentionally avoiding the engagement, he/she will lose 2 points.
* The referee has the right to disqualify a competitor from the bout, if the competitor continued to engage in unsportsmanlike conduct.
* Any disgraceful or improper behavior towards (Referee, Judges or Opponent will receive a warning and lose 2 points. Next offense brings disqualification.
* Three warnings in total within a match will disqualify the fighter.
* Using weapons that are not allowed in the match will disqualify the fighter.
Judging Commands:
* Face me: Bow
* Face each other: Bow (shake hands).
* Ready position.
* Kai-Si. (Begin.)
* Ready judge.
* Score.
Judging Signals:
* Flag raise towards competitor — Point called.
* Judge touches own torso with other flag to indicate 3 points.
* Judge touches own leg with other flag to indicate 2 points.
* Judge points to floor with other flag to indicate 1 point.
* Cross extended arms — Did not see or no point called.
* Pointing to boundary — Out of bounds.
* Fist hitting open hand — Excessive contact observed.
* Fist to ear and point to competitor — Foul called (deduct 1 point).


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